"recycle and reduce" I don't think is a way to describe the planned obsolescence and 'use once and throw away' culture that we have now. and 70% of the world's emissions being created by 100 companies is a huge huge issue and not one that can be fixed by individuals just being a little more mindful. World emissions started to plateau earlier this decade and now they're increasing again. Without public pressure nothing will change. The things that need to change are institutional, systems, policy, yes. But without people calling that into account, companies will just do what they've always done


hugs I can only imagine how you feel <3


so cool! they don't make them like they used to (on purpose). there's some amazing videos on youtube of people refurbishing old machines into working order.



what's a single day off school compared to the apocalypse, I think is the question. To me it looks like non-industrial action over decades has stalled. peaceful protest and industrial action has a long history of actually changing systems.


well a whole lot of nothing is happening to change the policy around climate change in many parts of the world. I'm glad someone is standing up for something - it's a future that will affect kids and adolescents her age the most. I look at my generation and my parents' generation and I see we all just stood by and did nothing


awww. well I miss you too <3
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me too sob. I like instagram though! and as you know, love your posts ^_^. it looks like such a great music scene


hey all, what's happening?

I agree, we should really all be taught ethics from a young age and pretty much every industry should have a code of ethics. especially big business and politics. and better processes for dealing with bad actors.


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