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in addition, kids don't have much, if any, power over the spending habits of their parents or older people. them shifting the political landscape by making others more mindful and drawing people to their cause makes total sense to me, since they have very little actual capital or rights in the world.


have been trapped in workworkwork unhappiness. you???

well, that's it. they can't vote, so how else are they going to get their message across, especially if their parents' and grandparents' generation won't listen to them any other way. and now those generations are taking a bit more note. which I think sounds good

exactly. without a challenge to their power and voting base they won't change

encouraging the changes in corporate culture relies on governments changing the rules. right now they get away with (literal) murder because of how little oversight or consequences there are

it's not about not being at school. It's about the physical presence of people on the street saying 'enough is enough' and rallying others to the cause. I know people my age who went to the rallies- and they're not high school students. AND having a media presence for the fight (the more important part), that's important.