Maybe this will clear things up for :
You and your puny kitten…

Walking around the 16th Street Mall in Denver


Modern dating is more like window shopping than ever: you see something you like so decide to just for it. Once inside the shop, you're ignored by the staff, so you leave. Or they're rude to you, so you leave. Or you decide you like that thing you saw earlier in a different store more… so you leave. Occasionally, you'll leave with the thing you wanted when you went in.

2017-11-16 at 01.44

I drove around a corner. And saw this vista.


Which made the trip worthwhile. Spectacular views abound. Had I had more time I could have taken a free bus trip from the visitors centre to a spot most of the way up one of the biggest hills.

packet up, packet in. Let me begin. I came to win. Battle me? That's a sin! ???


Oooh I like that turn of phrase